Presently, following 16 datasets are registered. To find detail information about each data, please click  the repository ID.

Repository ID English Name Scientific Name
BIR-01 Pygmy Marmoset Cebuella pygmaea
BIR-02 Night Monkey Aotus trivirgatus
BIR-03 Night Monkey Aotus trivirgatus
BIR-04 Night Monkey Aotus trivirgatus
BIR-05 White-fronted Capuchin Cabus albifrons
BIR-06 Long-tailed Macaque Macaca fascicularis
BIR-07 Japanese Macaque Macaca fuscata fuscata
BIR-08 Japanese Macaque Macaca fuscata fuscata
BIR-09 Bonnet Macaque Macaca radiata
BIR-10 Toque Macaque Macaca sinica
BIR-11 Sykes's Monkey Cercopithecus albogularis
BIR-12 Red-tailed Monkey Cercopithecus ascanius
BIR-13 Schmidt's Guenon Cercopithecus ascanius schmidti
BIR-14 De Brazza's Guenon Cercopithecus neglectus
BIR-15 White-handed Gibbon Hylobates lar
BIR-16 White-handed Gibbon Hylobates lar